Artist Statement

What gives my life value is knowing that I am unique and that I belong in this universe, not special but integral. To know my particulars and to know what to share with all others I must create relationships that have integrity. I create integral relationships by projecting myself without subterfuge, camouflage, and superfluous posturing. I believe it to be the same when I create an object of art. When I create a painting I am creating a relationship.

Doing my art is one of the important ways I explore and declare myself. Presenting my work is a declaration of who I am to viewers. It is an opportunity to relate to others who come to look. I don't consider the artwork to be what is most important. What is most important to me is the opportunity for relatedness brought forward by the viewing of my artwork by others. My finished painting stands static in a moment in time. It is a snapshot, a memento, and an obituary to the process that created the painting. The painting is merely a door from me to you. It is the process of going through the door that is essential - that is alive.

Viewing artwork is an act of creation. For me to see a work of art, I must engage in the creative process by paying attention to the feelings, interpretations, and realizations which occur as I view the work. It is not about figuring out what the artist is trying to say to me. It is about listening to the messages the art is stimulating in me. Viewing the artwork presents an opportunity for the viewer's creative process to emerge. I must take responsibility for what I see, interpret, feel, and learn as uniquely mine. When I judge a work of art I am not judging the work of the artist who made it, but I am judging the work I created in my mind. The judgment is a reflection of me not a reflection of the artist.

I create a painting. The viewer creates the painting again in his/her mind. I feel connected to the viewer through the process of creation. Our creations can be quite different, yet we are connected.

Ted Ramsey